Discover Mush!

An intergalactic social game of survival, intrigue and betrayal...

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You're about to wake up aboard the Daedalus with 15 other rebels. Like you, they are fleeing the Mush, a parasitic fungus which is ravaging Earth and threatens Humanity.

18 characters, ready to face the Mush with you!

Ian Soulton

Flexible fructivorous researcher. Better living through botany!

They didn't think it was Shiit-ake:
"Don’t shy away at the term « social game ». Get back here… it’s a social game that is based on exactly that premise."
"...players almost unknowingly give into paranoia -- and sometimes anger -- as the world they are in begins to grow more and more dangerous.."
"the suspense is justified. Mush is a nasty, nasty’s a terrifying balancing act to keep everything in good shape. Particularly while the Mush are lurking... "
"Mush, believe it or not, is a social game and in spite of the negative connotations associated with that term, it's also bloody brilliant."
" one knows for sure who has turned. This is where the game starts to become interesting, as accusations are made and trust between crew members falters"
"Following on from Die2Nite, Mush tries to redefine the « social game »."
"never before has a F2P made me want to put my cash in the slot for another game so much."
"A true community game where over a few days you share part of your day with 15 others."
"it's complexity gives rise to initial scepticism, but MUSH quickly changes your mind with its highly involving gameplay and captivating universe."
"A subtle blend of social, strategy, management and more besides. Once the game begins, it's very addictive."
"If you're good at role-play games, if you like playing in a team and having fun as a group, Mush is made for you."
"The aspects of community and competition with the treacherous Mush intermingle agreeably."
"Don't forget that the Mush is always there, roaming the corridors of the Daedalus ready to contaminate the whole crew!"
"A heavily addictive title, full of cultural references, and devilishly effective provided that everyone play!"
"Mush is a great experience, combining an unparalleled liberty aboard the Daedalus, with external explorations and patrols."
"With a good group, the game offers a highly playable experience where where deception and paranoia reign supreme. "
"Humanity's last ship, infected by the Mush, and you can lead the investigation and live your own adventure in space all through your web browser."